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laser international No. 1, 2020
In this issue: Editorial / Effects of 10,600 nm carbon dioxide lasers on preventing caries - A literature review / Treatment of midline diastema / Complex management of drug-induced gingival hyperplasia / Marsupialisation of an oral mucocele with a diode laser / Industry / Successful communication in your daily practice - Part XIII: How to deal with rude patients / Practice Management / A double-edged sword / Events / Manufacturer News / News /

laser international No. 4, 2019
In this issue: Editorial / The diode laser in a fully digital workflow for prosthetic treatment / Innovative endodontics using SWEEPS technology / The periodontal pocket - Alternative treatment with the Er:YAG laser and PRF / Laser-assisted gingival modification of an edentulous site / Treatment of a patient with multiple myeloma / Laser protection in the medial range / Industry / Practice management / On challenges, excellence and embracing what once was / Manufacturer news / Events / News /

laser international No. 3, 2019
In this issue: Editorial / Effect of duration of Er,Cr:YSGG laser etching on dentine morphology / The treatment approach to caries using the Er:YAG laser / Severe peri-implantitis treated with the Er,Cr:YSGG laser / Crown lengthening in the aesthetic zone - Comparing laser and conventional surgery / Photoacoustic cavitation effects in oral surgery - How to preserve tissue and promote healing / The Dr Mir laser-assisted dental implant technique - A novel clinical approach / SSP/SWEEPS endodontics with the SkyPulse Er:YAG laser / Are you a laser dentist? / Successful communication in your daily practice - Part XI: Attracting prospective patients from abroad / Manufacturer News /

laser international No. 2, 2019
In this issue: Editorial / Use of carbon dioxide lasers in dentistry / Initial therapy of periodontitis using dental lasers / Treatment of oral leukoplakia with a 980 nm diode laser / Facial swelling caused by infected teeth / Peri-implant bone regeneration through laser decontamination / Successful communication in your daily practice / Manufacturer news / Events / News /

laser international No. 1, 2019
In this issue: Editorial / Amalgam tattoo removal with diode laser / Apicectomy of an endodontically compromised central incisor / The use of the Er:YAG laser in aesthetic dentistry / Industry / Successful communication in your daily practice Part IX: Boosting a new employee’s performance / Interview: On unifying the laser family / Events / Manufacturer news / News /

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