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Lifting the lid on AIR POLISHING powders – fact vs fiction and what’s safest for you and your patients

Put down your prophy cups and hand instrumentation, it’s time to embrace the benefits of AIRFLOW® . Uncover what’s fact and what’s fiction and why AIRFLOW® powder technology is safe and effective.

Do you avoid using air polishing in your practice? You may have preconceived notions that the powders are only for supraginigival use, the ingredients could be harmful to you and your patients and concerns about the aerosols. EMS are the innovators behind AIRFLOW® technology. AIRFLOW® is more advanced than any air polishing technology you have tried in the past. It is the only technology to have a patented powder and be 100% backed by external scientific studies. This webinar is designed to highlight safety of AIRFLOW® with EMS AIRFLOW® powders. It will show that AIRFLOW® powders are proven to be safe, effective and efficient. The ingredients of AIRFLOW® powders will be examined in detail – why Erythritol? Is chlorhexidine in a pocket safe? What silica is included? Can it be harmful to my skin & lungs? Get all your questions answered! Air polishing has changed since its introduction in the 1970s. With the growing body of external evidence supporting AIRFLOW® technology and EMS AIRFLOW® powders, clinicians should familiarise themselves with this research. This webinar will address any concerns that you’ve ever had about AIRFLOW® powder technology. At the completion of this webinar, the clinician will be able to address:
  • Recognise the safety of AIRFLOW® Powders
  • Gain a greater understanding of the ingredients in AIRFLOW® Powders
  • Is this a safe treatment for implants?
  • Safety of powder in subgingival areas
  • What is CPC?

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